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ES Volleyball

ES Volleyball, whose sports schools, youth teams and volleyball festivals attended by thousands of children who love sports, is with Kovan in its 12th anniversary.

BK Judo School

Judo for children and adults.

Eczacıbaşı Volleyball School

The leader of Turkey’s volleyball and the last European Champion is on the Anatolian side for the first time after Maslak...

Murat Kumsuz Fitness

Body building, personal training, pilates and gym are all here...

İbrahim Kutluay Basketball Academy

The gentleman athlete of Turkey’s basketball is with Kovan to raise new “İbo”s with his years of experience in operating sports schools and his expert team.


With its main center in Ataşehir, SizDrama Center of Arts and Personal Development is now in Kovan... In our center, we bring you Drama and Personal Development Programs, piano, violin, guitar, personal instrument courses, dance, yoga, psychological consultancy and many more.

Russian School of Gymnastics

Even a one-year old baby can take up gymnastics; all it takes is the mother’s determination. We’ll join the Olympics at the age of fifteen!

PT Academy

PT Academy offers a scientific approach for all sports fields, from performance measurements to personal workouts, from physical tests to physiotherapy, at Kovan.