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Kovan Sports Culture Center

The Kovan Sports Culture Center is a project developed to guarantee the permanence and continuity of ES Volleyball Sports Club established in 2003. The Center was started with the financial support of ES Volleyball founders and donators in 2015.

Presently, Kovan Sports Culture Center is a versatile facility that has gone far beyond being just a host for ES Volleyball and serves children and young people aged 0-18 in various sports, as well as other fields supporting their growth.

The facility aims to ensure that children love sports, with the help of its structure that provides various sports opportunities. It also aims to involve parents in tournaments and organizations in miscellaneous branches, so that not only potential athletes, but also their parents, adopt sports culture.

With its departments providing professional training in many areas such as drama, music, robotics in order to lay the foundations for versatile growth of the children involved in sports activities, Kovan Sports Culture Center provides a unique structure in Turkey.

Open seven days a week from 07.00 am to 11.00 pm, Kovan Sports Culture Center not only serves ES Volleyball Sports Club which provides National Teams with athletes every year in both genders, but also welcomes professional clubs, veteran athletes participating in special tournaments, teams participating in corporate leagues and other hobby groups, providing them both gym and trainer services and supporting them regarding athlete health with its PT Academy.